Niviuk Paramotor Wings

Established design winners, Niviuk continues to set a high standard for combining safety with performance in paragliding equipment. As they expand into high-tech paramotor wings, they continue a tradition of excellence by providing the best in high quality, safe gear for paramotor pilots of all skill levels and experience.

Beginner / Progressive

paramotor wings

Niviuk Link 2
A solid wing ideal for new flyers, the Niviuk Link has intuitive controls and great stability. Efficient and fast, this glider offers simple takeoff and landing characteristics, and accessible handling for safe yet thrilling flying.


Niviuk Qubik
Niviuk’s Qubik wing offers pilots excellent flight performance, combining safety, speed and stability in an innovative design.

Intermediate / Cross Country

kougar paramotor wing

Kougar 2
A glider for paramotor enthusiasts, the Kougar 2 is a versatile and efficient reflex wing geared toward intermediate to expert-level pilots. Pilots appreciate the Kougar’s easy inflation and takeoff making it effortless to get in the air.

Expert / Competition

Niviuk Dobermann

Dobermann 2
Niviuk’s Dobermann 2 freestyle slalom wing gives high-speed thrills, efficiency, and maneuverability to competitive pilots mastering aerobatics and slalom courses, without compromising on stability and ease.

Tandem / Trike


Niviuk’s first tandem paramotor wing designed for trike flights is robust and stable, ideal for recreational and professional flights. With a capacity to carry to 1100 lbs, it’s comfortable for pilots and passengers.