ozone Paramotor Wings

Ozone is a world leader among paramotor manufacturers and distributors.

Beginner / Easy

spark paramotor wings


Student / Beginner
Make your first flights as simple as possible with an easy launch and forgiving in-flight characteristics using the Spark.

ozone mojo

Mojo PWR

Beginner / Intermediate
The Mojo PWR is a versatile wing that is suitable for students in training and geared toward newly qualified paramotor pilots.

ozone kona


Beginner / Intermediate
An ideal solution for versatile flyers who want a single wing capable of free flying and paramotoring, the Kona wing is ideal for intermediate flyers or talented beginners.

Intermediate / Sport / Cross Country

ozone roadster

Roadster 3

Beginner / Intermediate / Cross Country
Beginners and more experienced pilots enjoy flying this fun & safe wing featuring the Shark Nose Ozone Reflex Profile.

ozone spyder


Beginner / Intermediate / Cross Country
An especially lightweight wing that offers comfort, performance, speed and stability plus great handling and easy inflation.

ozone speedster

Speedster 2

Intermediate / Cross Country
Providing maximum accessibility for a wide range of pilots, this wing performs in top speeds with high collapse resistance from its Ozone Full Reflex Profile.

ozone sirocco 2

Sirocco 2

Intermediate / Cross Country
Designed specifically for paramotoring, this super lightweight wing mimics the design of the Speedster 2 and is suitable for cross country treks.

Advanced / Competition / Cross Country

ozone freeride


Advanced / Freestyle / Competition
Experienced pilots can carve aggressive freestyle lines and enjoy efficient cross country flights or compete in this fast and agile wing.

ozone viper

Viper 4

Advanced Cross Country / Competition
An established world champion wing for expert pilots flying classic competitions and high level slalom.

Professional / Tandem / Trike

ozone magmax


Based on the world’s best-selling Magnum tandem wing series, the MagMax wing offers optimum performance and handling with special paramotoring features added.

ozone triox


Ozone’s Triox wing was designed for trike flying and is compatible with all trike power units regardless of weight.