Paramotor Training Course


Our training course features a fully-immersed, comprehensive experience with an efficient timespan. Training instructors are dedicated to giving you the skills you need to safely begin paragliding with paramotor equipment.

Paramotor Basic Training (PBT) Overview

Paramotor Basic Training brings small groups together and provides all the essential fundamentals to learn paramotoring in an effective, condensed format so you can learn to fly quickly.

PBT 101

Glider control is essential and fundamental to learning to fly, so our courses focus on training you to be in control at all times and be totally aware of what the glider is doing. Training includes a multitude of ground handling drills and several hours practicing with the glider in varying wind speeds: no wind, low wind, and high wind. Paragliding or “free flight” drills will help complete your glider control experience — these drills may vary from a short hop off a dune to ridge soaring, when conditions allow. Bringing it all together with instructional tandem paramotor flights and “ground drills” with the paramotor on your back will prepare you to execute a safe supervised solo by days 5 & 6 and then you start tackling in-flight skills training.

Class Size

Paramotor Basic Training classes are small – maximum of three students. There are nine training days total, and the cost of the course is $1800. Each student is responsible for finding local accommodations and transportation to class, and we take care of everything else! We provide all training gear and study materials—all you have to do is show up with a great attitude.

Commitment & Gear

Basic Training is reserved for fully committed students who have done enough research and are fully ready to join the sport with us at Team Sky High. We provide your training gear and are a trusted source for paramotor equipment. Purchase your paramotor equipment package using your automatic Student Discount — $500 savings for all students purchasing a paramotor, wing, and reserve. On a budget? No problem. Tell us your situation and we’ll do our best to find the right gear for you. Tip: It’s better to purchase high-quality used equipment versus new “cheap” paramotor gear and accessories.

Sky High Alumni

Team Sky High students can expect to leave our program as skillful, competent, and ethical aviators ready to start exploring the air on their new craft. We enjoy great relationships with past students and welcome alumni communications about their experiences with us. You are welcome to return again to attend future classes to further hone your skills, get more flying time, or bringing someone new into the sport.

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