Tandem Paramotor Flights

Soar through the sky on a Tandem Flight!

Welcome to your First Flight Lesson

Tandem Flights serve as instructional flights for beginners—therefore all tandem flyers are considered students as well. We provide tandem flight service through an FAA exemption for ultralight vehicle training. As a student pilot, you will learn the basics of paramotor paragliding, but your tandem flight won’t require testing or homework, no worries! You simply need to be able to run during launch and landing. Sky High instructors will pilot the paraglider at all times on all tandem flights, so you can enjoy the flight and take in the incredible views.

You will need to read and sign our waivers in order to participate in a Tandem Paramotor Flight. 

After you complete your reservation, you will receive an email with all the information needed to find our flying area, plus suggestions on what to wear and bring, and what to expect. Make your reservation today!

Ever wanted to fly like a bird? Sign up for a Tandem Paramotor Flight with a certified Sky High tandem instructor and you’ll be sky high in no time!

Professional paramotor equipment allows your instructor to launch from nearly any field, beach or open area and fly to incredible heights providing you with views unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Instructors and tandem riders (a.k.a. beginner students) will meet at one of our launch areas. After an introduction and some setup, your instructor will put on the paramotor gear which is specially designed for self-launching the paraglider into the sky. You will both get suited-up and make adjustments for comfort and safety, then you’ll run to begin your ascent.

Sit back and enjoy the flight once launched! During a tandem paramotor flight, flyers can rise from the launch point to over 1,000 feet, or may glide closer to the ground, skimming along the sights from directly above.

Tip: You must be capable of running for a short distance.

Tip: Bring your camera on a lanyard so you don’t lose it during the excitement.

Tip: Tandem paramotor paragliding flights typically last about 20 minutes, however longer flights are available, so if you wanna fly for longer, just let us know!